Inga, a rabid teen, walks home, where she suffers the disapproval of her mother. To escape her situation, she dreams of meeting Wombie, her Idol, with help from a special jug. This film explores gender, generation and the basic need for fantasy. By working in isolation, I hoped to create something that was as true to my psyche as possible, confecting a space where I felt free to perform without being judged. I wanted to explore my desire to have breasts, and see how performing with breasts would differ from depicting them in my drawings. I balanced this objectification by depicting men's asses as their form of cleavage. I wanted to resolve my personal disassociation by creating a world where all characters are deeply connected to their superficial selves. The protagonist, Inga, moves easily from 2-D animation to an actual set, to a 3-D animated environment. I wanted to use multiple video mediums to describe the popular media's vampiric effect on me. I feel intimate with these mediums, as if they have colonized my imagination; Inga is unable to tell the difference between them and her. In fact, the identification is so great that the distinction becomes irrelevant.